Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some fixes

Ok, so I fixed the issues with the wonky limb movements.  Now my South Park style Soft Ninja moves pretty much like a South Park character.  I did not finish fixing his eyes last night.  I got side tracked watching Duck Dynasty and then half way through the animation I started to wonder if I should add pupils.  The Soft Ninja does not have pupils, but South Park characters do.  So I think I'll add them.  We'll see.  I'm on the fence.  Well, I'm mostly over the fence, but technically still on it.

I hope that by Monday I will have a regular Soft Ninja animation for you.  The SP Soft Ninja is great for conceptualizing a scene and a character's movements, but the animation is easy, kinda like fast food, and I find myself lazily turning to those animations rather than putting in the time on the more difficult toons.

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