Monday, March 18, 2013

Begin with the beginner

Ok, I'm no animation guru.  I cannot point you to anything you can view worth viewing that I have ever done.  However, I love animation and I WANT to know how to animate.

1.  My primary goal for this blog is for me to post my progress in learning animation, my thoughts on what doesn't work and what does, and to invite to you critique (kindly) and offer advice on anything I post.

2.  My secondary goal is to do all of this as cheaply as possible, as I am operating on a mouse's budget.  (A mouse with a government job, at that.)  In doing this I hope that I can encourage others who think animation is expensive and difficult to join me in my quest to learn to animate.

I will do my best to have something to view that moves on this blog at least once a week.  My primary subject of learning will be my character the Soft Ninja, seen on my other blog.

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