Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So I have found some issues.  The last Soft Ninja (South Park Style) had perfectly circular eyes.  Last night I deleted the layer that had the eyes and started over with more oval eyes.  However, I forgot to tie that layer to the head bone.  Thus... when the head moves the eyes stay put.  I don't know if you've noticed, but that doesn't happen in reality.

As you can see I am also having some issues with the head separating from the body and the arm doing some wonky stuff when it moves too.  I made this fun little video to show the problems in motion:
I will attempt to fix those problems tonight and have all three working for you tomorrow.

The following issue is a little more difficult.  Watch the eyes in this video:
You probably noticed that the eyes went from being circles to something like diamonds.  What's that about?

I used what Anime Studios calls a blend morph.  It is a kind of action that is really cool.  An action is when you have something that you know your character will do over and over.  You basically just have to "make" that action once.  Then you can insert the action whenever you need it.

For this character I made 4 actions:  Blink, Crazy Eye Left, Crazy Eye Right and Scared (both eyes small).  Then I when I made this little video, rather than going to the "blend-morph/Actions" pop up window every single time I tried to be lazy and copy and paste the actions straight into my time line.  I "think" this is why I got this wonky diamond shape problem.

Anyway, I think the fix for this problem is basically to approach the eye concept differently.  I will attempt to fix this tonight also and show my results tomorrow.

NOTE TO READERS:  If there is something that you think I have explained poorly, or left unexplained that you would like more information on, please ask.  The best way to learn is to teach and I am glad to give my process when I can.

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