Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Head Turn 2.0

There are some issues with this video still, but by and large I think this is a much better head turn.

Issue #1:  Every other rotation it skips the back of the head.  This was just an error of my cut and paste.  It's an easy fix.

Issue #2:  There is a slight up and down bump in the rotation.  I know the reason for this, but I am not sure I will fix it.  It may require starting all over and since the South Park style Soft Ninja is just a learning tool for me, I really don't feel the need to do that.

What happened is this; whenever you create an object it has a center.  The center is the center of the screen no matter where you actually create your object.  So if I create my object a little off center and never fix that then every rotation of that object will be off center. 
These are all of the faces of the South Park Soft Ninja spread out for stylistic viewing.  In the program they are all stacked on top of each other with only the one I need at that moment visible.  Because his head is round and he's wearing a mask that conceals any hair or ears, I only need one back.  Otherwise there would be as many back facing heads as front.

Of those 12 heads I only had to make 7 (6 really).  5 are mirror images and the back is simply the front without eyes.  However, because my main head's center is slightly off center every time I flipped the head it was out of place.  Thus I had to reposition all of the left heads manually.  This is where that bumpiness comes from.  I fixed it as well as I could without redoing the left heads (which - as previously stated - I'm not about to do).

Anyway, this rotation is much smoother and should allow for a cleaner animation.  Now I just need to do 16 body positions and reinsert SP Soft Ninja into my animation.  Jeez, this is a lot of work for a learning exercise.

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